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At Ae Ran Won, we provide more than just a stable environment. We also provide counseling, schooling, and training in the skills and abilities that unwed mothers need to succeed in their lives. We know that after they leave our facilities their lives are just beginning. We are not only concerned about their lives today, but also tomorrow and the next day and every day after that.

This is why we need your help. It’s often the temporary difficulties that force a mother to relinquish her child. If we can help that mother through her initial challenges, she and her baby can make a life for themselves. Right now, you can help an unwed mother and her child by making a contribution.

• $300–500 can support one mother’s schooling or vocational training for a month.
• $100 (less than $3 a day) can feed a baby for a month.
• $50 (less than $1.67 a day) can buy baby supplies for a month.
• $30 (less than $1 a day) can buy a textbook for a mother’s education.

Donations have also allowed us to pay for some of the medical costs incurred by mothers or babies, and also for operating the Me.You.Us. Family Center for supporting unmarried mothers and their children. In addition, donations help support three group homes and all of the additional services needed.

Owing to the increasing number of unwed mothers in need, government support is not enough. Here is a summary of our funding sources in 2008; the government support is from the City of Seoul, and the Fundraising support comes from individuals, churches and organizations.

Ae Ran Won
56% of the budget comes from government, and
44% from Fundraising.

Ae Ran Seumter
The Government subsidizes the salaries of two social workers, plus 10% of the operational expenses. Fundraising provides the other 90%.

Ae Ran Mother & Baby’s Home
Government subsidy 90%, Fundraising 10%.

Ae Ran Self-Supporting Home
Fundraising 100%.

Me.You.Us. Support Center
Fundraising 100%.

Privately donated funds are truly needed. While we receive donations domestically, the social prejudice against unwed mothers hinders our efforts. Therefore, we ask for your support. This is a universal problem and extends beyond borders. This is about family; it is about supporting unwed mothers and their children. Every offer of support makes a difference. We invite you to support Ae Ran Won by making an annual, monthly, or one-time donation. One gift gets results.

Please consider offering your support through our One to One program, Miss Mom's Hope Tree, in which you will be paired with a specific mother and child. Click here for details.

We would gladly have you donate. All donations will be acknowledged. There are several ways to donate, which may change from time to time. Please continue to check this site (our English language USA-based web site),, for an update. Our main website, Korean language only, is

Here is the information needed to make a direct deposit into our bank account:
Standard Chartered Korea First Bank Limited
Account No. 300-10-047560
Swift code: scblkrse
Account Name: Ae Ran Won

To contact us by mail, write to:
Ae Ran Won
127-20 Daeshin-dong
Seoul, South Korea (120-160)
Our phone is 82-2-393-4723
Our fax is 82-2-392-9933
(Please use country codes as needed from your phone.)

Thank you for anything you can do to help us.

Ms. Kang, Young Shil
Director of Ae Ran Won